Add additional Users

You can add additional users to your account at any time by visiting the My Account > Members page. To do this, you must be signed in as the account owner and have a paid subscription.

Add additional Users

  • Go to My Account > Members
  • You'll see a current list of your members
  • Click the button "Add new member" and fill out the form
  • Decide if you want to give the user access to the app, then click the "Save" button. For a description of this, see below.

What is the meaning of "App access"?

When you are adding a user to your account, you have the option to give that user access to the app. If you choose "Yes", there will be an additional cost added to your monthly subscription plan. Choosing "No" restricts the user to the back-end website only, at no additional cost.

Why is the user's email address red with an alert icon?

This means that the user has not yet verified their email address by clicking on the link provided in their welcome email.

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