How to Add/Configure QuickBooks

To add QuickBooks Online to your account, follow the steps below. If at any time you need assistance, call support: 800-940-3010.

Enable the QuickBooks Add-On
  • Log into and navigate to My Account -> Billing and select 'Change plan'.
  • Enable the QuickBooks add-on and agree to the terms.

Configure QuickBooks Online

  • Log into your QuickBooks Online account and navigate to Sales -> Product and services.
  • Select 'New' and choose 'Service'.
  • Add the new product service exactly as shown.

Connect your PDR Mobile Account to QuickBooks

  • Log into and navigate to 'Services' using the avatar icon menu in the upper-right.
  • Select 'Connect' and sign into your QuickBooks Online account.
  • Choose an expense account to map with tech payables (optional).

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